Rosemead High School’s varsity cheer team has soared to new heights of achievement, clinching the coveted first-place position in their division at the esteemed Sharp International Championship on March 31st! The team’s extraordinary performance not only secured their victory in the division but also earned them the prestigious overall division winners’ title for high school large cheer.
Adding to their achievements, they also claimed the highly esteemed most outstanding award, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive cheerleading.

The Sharp International Championship is a high level event that attracts top cheerleading teams. This competition serves as a platform for teams to showcase their skills, precision, and athleticism. The championship features a series of divisions categorized based on age, skill level, and team size, ensuring fair and competitive matchups.

During the Sharp International Championship, teams are evaluated by a panel of experienced judges who score technical proficiency, creativity, showmanship, and overall performance quality. It is through these evaluations that Rosemead High School’s varsity cheer team demonstrated their talent, captivating the judges and securing their well-deserved first-place victory in their division.

Rosemead High School’s varsity cheer team’s triumph at the Sharp International Championship is a remarkable accomplishment. Their victory not only highlights their skills but also serves as a testament to their confidence, dedication, and teamwork.

As we celebrate Rosemead High School’s varsity cheer team’s remarkable achievement, let it serve as a reminder of the incredible talent, dedication, and perseverance that lies within each member of the team. They have proven themselves to be true champions, embodying the essence of competitive cheerleading and setting an example for others to follow.

Congratulations to Rosemead High School’s varsity cheer team on their resounding victory at the Sharp International Championship. As they bask in their well-deserved triumph, we applaud their unwavering commitment to excellence and wish them continued success in their future endeavors.