A U12 Girls team out of Hacienda Heights, led by their esteemed coach Joseph Ramirez, who also serves as a board member of the Rio Hondo Community Development Corporation, emerged triumphant as the Western States Champions on Sunday, March 17th, 2024. 

Outshining approximately 20,000 girls enrolled in their age group from Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and California, Heights United FC U12 Girls made their presence known from the very beginning. 

Their journey to the Western States Championships commenced back in late January, where they claimed the title of Area Champs, defeating teams from four different regions.

The semi-final match against Lompoc proved to be a true test of character for Heights United FC. In a closely contested battle, the girls showcased their determination, resilience, and ability to rise above challenges. 

With a narrow 2-1 victory, they secured their place in the championship final, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to success.

In the final encounter against Glendale, Heights United FC left no doubt as to their superiority. Their flawless teamwork, precision passing, and strategic play overwhelmed their opponents from start to finish. With an impressive 2-0 victory, they clinched the Western States Champions title in a resounding fashion.

Head Coach Jose Chavez, along with Assistant Coaches Edgar Ramos and Joe Ramirez played a pivotal role in shaping Heights United FC’s run to the championship. 

“Our girls have responded in a positive way and have met every challenge we put their way from intense strength training to skill drills and everything in between.” said Coach Ramirez

The success of Heights United FC U12 Girls not only brings respect to their hometown but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes throughout the region. 

As Western States Champions, Heights United FC U12 Girls have left an incredible mark on the local soccer landscape. Their victory stands as a testament to the exceptional coaches, including Joe Ramirez, and the unwavering dedication of the players. 

The Rio Hondo Community Development Corporation and communities throughout the San Gabriel Valley celebrate their outstanding achievement and look forward to their continued success on and off the field.