El Monte Union High School District is thrilled to announce the launch of a new campaign that aims to shine a bright spotlight on the extraordinary achievements and successes of its students.

The district is inviting students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members to share good news and celebrate notable accomplishments through the “Share Your Successes Today!” campaign.

This exciting initiative seeks to highlight a wide range of achievements, including academic triumphs, artistic endeavors, athletic victories, and community contributions.

El Monte Union aims to ignite a spark of inspiration and instill unwavering motivation within both the district and the wider community.

Participants are encouraged to submit their stories, along with captivating photos, showcasing their student’s name, grade, and accomplishment.

The submissions will be carefully reviewed, and select stories will be featured in various District communications, reaching a wider audience and inspiring others.

Through this campaign, El Monte Union aims to foster a sense of pride and unity within its diverse community. Sharing the stories of success and highlighting the hard work and dedication of its students will create a positive and inspiring narrative that resonates with everyone.

To participate in the campaign, individuals can visit bit.ly/elmontegoodnews, where they will find the submission page accessible on the District’s Home Page.

The process is simple and straightforward, allowing for easy entry of stories and photos that capture the essence of outstanding achievements.

El Monte Union High School District is excited to embark on this journey of celebrating student success.

The district hopes to inspire others to reach for their dreams, overcome challenges, and make a positive impact within their communities.

Join El Monte Union in the “Share Your Successes Today!” campaign and help create a collective narrative of triumph and accomplishment.