On March 13, in celebration of Pi Day, the El Monte Union community gathered at Mountain View High School for the District’s second annual Math Bee Competition. The event brought together students, educators, and parents for a day of math discourse, cultural exchange, and friendly competition.

The Math Bee Competition, a highlight of the Pi Day festivities, showcased the mathematical prowess and problem-solving skills of students from various high schools within the El Monte Union School District. This year’s competition witnessed an intense battle between the reigning champions, Mountain View High School Vikings, and their formidable opponents, Arroyo High School.

The event kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony, where participants, dressed in their school colors, showcased their enthusiasm and team spirit. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as the competitors prepared to showcase their mathematical abilities.

Throughout the day, students engaged in a series of challenging rounds, testing their knowledge in various mathematical disciplines, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. 

After several intense rounds, the Arroyo High School Knights emerged as the champions of the Math Bee Competition, dethroning the reigning champions, the Mountain View High School Vikings. The Arroyo High School team demonstrated exceptional mathematical prowess, earning them the coveted championship belt. Regardless of the outcome, all participants were acknowledged as winners for their dedication, hard work, and passion for mathematics.

Congratulations to Arroyo High School for their outstanding performance, and kudos to all participants for their unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Photo courtesy of EMUHSD Facebook page