The City of Baldwin Park hosted its 2024 State of the City address on Thursday, April 11, at the Performing Arts Center of Baldwin Park. Speaking to residents, business owners and community partners, Mayor Emmanuel J. Estrada and members of the Baldwin Park City Council celebrated the City’s 2023 accomplishments, key projects and initiatives, while looking forward to Baldwin Park’s bright future.

“2023 was a busy year in Baldwin Park,” Mayor Emmanuel J. Estrada told the audience. “And while the accomplishments of the City range from finding innovative solutions to housing and homelessness, to building new parks and greenways, to hosting events that celebrate the diversity and strength of our community, you will find that collaboration and innovation are two underlying themes that tie them all together, as we collectively work to build a bright future for Baldwin Park.”

Mayor Pro Tem Jean M. Ayala, a teacher of three decades, celebrated the successes of the City Clerk’s Office and Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology Departments. During her remarks, Avila acknowledged the transparency promoted by the City Clerk’s Office and the efficiencies made possible by Human Resources and Information Technology through successful recruitment efforts and upgrades to the City website and software. She also highlighted the City’s year-end budget surplus.

“The team has done a wonderful job safeguarding the City’s financial position well into the future,” said Mayor Pro Tem Jean M. Ayala. “This will allow the City to continue to reduce future unfunded retirement liabilities and set away funds for emergency needs.”

Councilmember Alejandra Avila, who previously served the City as its City Clerk for nine years and has served on the City Council since 2018, recognized the accomplishments of the Baldwin Park Police Department as well as the impressive feats of the Public Works maintenance team in 2023.

“Our Police Department’s commitment to delivering top-tier service to Baldwin Park residents and upholding the highest level of safety and security is second to none. I am proud of the steps the department has taken to foster trust and build strong relationships within our community,” said Councilmember Alejandra Avila. “Our team of police officers has continued to embody professionalism and leadership while keeping our community safe this year.”

Councilmember Daniel Damian, a local entrepreneur and housing advocate, highlighted the thriving local business environment in the City. He also discussed the success of Measure BP in its first year, which has raised funds to pay for essential City services.
“We have seen tremendous growth on this front over the past year. We’ve seen the seeds planted in the wake of the pandemic blossom into thriving businesses all over Baldwin Park,” said Councilmember Daniel Damian.

Damian concluded by recognizing the City’s continued efforts to address homelessness in the community. “For the past four years, the City of Baldwin Park has been a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative solutions to homelessness in our community,” said Damian. “We know there is much more work to do, and the City remains committed to leveraging both internal and external resources to achieve short- and long-term solutions to homelessness in Baldwin Park.”

Councilmember Monica Garcia, who has served the community for nearly 17 years on the City Council, celebrated the accomplishments of the Recreation & Community Services Department, which helped organize many beloved community events and maintain happy and healthy neighborhoods in Baldwin Park.

“Our diversity is one of our community’s greatest strengths, and it is important that we celebrate it as such. Of course, these events are wonderful, but the participation from the people of Baldwin Park is what makes them so special,” said Councilmember Monica Garcia.

Councilmember Garcia also spoke to the work of the Public Works Department and its success in advancing key projects that have enhanced infrastructure throughout Baldwin Park: “Our Recreation & Community Services and Public Works teams have done an admirable job collaborating, going to tremendous lengths to ensure that our city is not only developing today, but that it will continue to progress for years to come,” Councilmember Garcia said.

The full 2023 State of the City Address is available to watch on YouTube.