“We are Back!”

“The Cracker Barrel” by: Mike McClure

…so the other day I got home from a quick trip down to Palm Desert, it was nice to get away but it is always good to get back and see what’s been going on.

A quick shout out and “Hat’s Off” to all of our local school districts. This has been a tough year but through-out the COVID-19 shut downs and confusion our schools have been able to safely keep our students on course, learning and coping. Thank you.

I hope you all had a happy & safe 4th of July. By the sound of it here at the Quintas Papaquyo El Norte you were well prepared. Pity the poor animals, especially the dogs, who really have a tough time New Years and the 4th due to the fireworks, but I hope you and yours got through it okay.

Congrats to Max, none of you were able to come up with the right answer to Max’s “Are you as smart as a 12 year old?” question although Kevin was on the right track. I think he got confused with the multiplication table when converting from the metric system. The correct answer was 246 pounds. Thanks Max, we will have another question in next week’s column. I am proud of all of you who sent in answers because none of you ask for an easier question next time.

One last thing, thank you for your concerns Aurora – yes, even newspapers take vacations once and awhile.