The Cracker Barrel: Sports Talk, Part 2

…so the other day we found out who will be playing in Super Bowl LVl (#56 for you non-Romans), It will be the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals against the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. The game will be at SoFi Stadium locally in Inglewood.

This is the first time that the Super Bowl is played at the same location as one of the leagues Conference Championship games and only the second time that the home team is playing in the Super Bowl.
Much will be made of the value of the trade that brought Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles from the Detroit Lions but in the end it was the defensive play of Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey that kept the Rams in all of their wins.

Don’t get me wrong, Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp, the Rams dynamic quarterback/ receiver duo have been spectacular and the addition of Odell Beckham, Jr. to the roster mid-season was a stroke of luck (funny, the quarterback in Cleveland didn’t get along with him, they traded him to the Rams, Cleveland went down the toilet and the Rams are going to the Super Bowl, hmmm), but they always say “Defense wins championships” and here the Rams are.

On the other side is Quarterback Joe Burrows or Joe Shiesty as some rapper nicknamed him, in his second year out of LSU where he team had ended up National Champion in college football. After beating Kansas City 27-24 in overtime, the game is set in two weeks and we will see.

[NOTE: Next week look for “Sports Talk, Part 3” and we will see if we can find out why Joe Burrows nickname is Joe Shiesty and maybe more about the retirement of Tom Brady]