The South El Monte City Council unanimously voted to place Measure ES on the November 2020 ballot that provides South El Monte voters a choice to enact a 0.25% sales tax.

If passed by a majority of South El Monte voters, Measure ES would take the City’s sales tax rate from 10.00% to 10.25%, which would provide approximately $1 million annually to support local essential services, such as public safety and community services, and to help with the City’s long-term financial viability.

“The City Council is dedicated to ensuring the legacy and success of South El Monte for generations to come,” said Mayor Gloria Olmos. “If South El Monte voters approve Measure ES in November, the approximate $1 million in new funding generated from it could maintain public safety patrols and rapid response to 9-1-1 calls, well-preserved streets, sidewalks and community spaces, and emergency response centers able to provide resources in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a future health pandemic.”

The City has made difficult choices in the face of recent funding challenges. This includes utilizing the City’s reserve balances to maintain service levels, deferring maintenance and improvements to the City’s facilities and roads, and seeking one-time funds to offset the loss of General Fund and reserve balances. However, the City’s 2020-21 budget includes a general fund deficit of $2.4 million, and the City has no new revenue sources to address this.

Without additional revenue and certain action being taken, the City is projected to have a deficit balance in two years, and it will not be possible for the City to maintain current levels and quality of essential services.

The City Council will continue engaging and educating all community members about Measure ES and the impacts on City services if approved by voters.

Ultimately, voters will decide whether to approve Measure ES, which features strict accountability requirements to ensure full transparency and public awareness at every stage of implementation. The measure includes public disclosure of all spending as well as annual independent financial audits to ensure the funds from the tax are used locally and effectively to solely benefit the South El Monte community.

For more information on Measure ES, visit or call (626) 579-6540.