OK for Thee But Not For Me…Garcetti Defies Mask Mandate – AGAIN

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The Los Angeles Department of Health issued an advisory prior to Sunday’s big game, saying that face masks would be required at the stadium in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA’s COVID-restriction crazed mayor, showed up to the Super Bowl to root for his hometown Rams and notably did not wear a mask.

Garcetti recently claimed that when he was unmasked at the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams two Sundays ago, also at SoFi Stadium, he was simply holding his breath. Perhaps while standing with his mouth open talking to others, he also believes he was in total control of any COVID-filled droplets spraying into the air around him.

“I wore my mask the entire game, and when people ask for a photograph, I hold my breath and I put it here and people can see that,” Garcetti said, referring to his mask in his hand. “There’s a zero percent chance of infection from that,” he continued. “I put my mask right back on … to make sure that there is no spread. And I think that we should all follow that advice until we’re out of this period.”

Garcetti had a disturbingly long list of prohibitions for Angelinos in December 2020, and he has continued to be one of the harshest Covid tyrants in the country.

The other celebrities who showed up to hobknob at football’s biggest day of the season also didn’t see a need to mask. NBC showed numerous celebs having a great time with their faces free of masks. Tomorrow, when Los Angeles students head back to school, they will be forcefully masked.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was mask free, though kids visible behind the opening chorus did have to wear masks. The reasons for this policy are unclear, though they are hypocritical.

Above the stadium where celebs, rich folks, and hypocritical politicians enjoyed themselves was writing in the sky that read “unmask our kids.”