News from Quintas Papaguyo El Norte

“The Cracker Barrel” by: Mike McClure

…so the other day as I was leaving the security compound I live at, which I affectionately refer to as “Quintas Papaguyo El Norte”.When I was younger I spent some time in the hotel/travel business and one of my favorite spots was the Quintas Papagayo Resort Hotel just North of Ensenada. This was back in the day when Ensenada was still a quite fishing town.

The Papaguyo was a collection of old cottages built by Americans and was well known to the Hollywood crowd as a place to go to “dry” out. Famed bandleader Phil Harris would spend a month or two almost every year down there.

Currently I live in a place here in El Monte that has the same rustic old cottages feel and it reminds me of the Papaguyo, so I have named it the Quintas Papaguyo El Norte.

As I was leaving three of the fellows were yelling about something. Kevin and Joe always argue, usually because Joe had come up with some story he had heard on the news. I don’t know what he listens to but I thought I broke him of the habit of listening to “fake” news by getting him to read the Mid Valley News. On this day he even dragged poor Tim into the discussion.

As I walked by I told them they reminded me of the Marx brothers. Joe demanded to know how many Marx brothers there were. Usually we leave show biz questions to Dick (“Working Overtime’s writer Dick James) but I decided to handle this one myself.

Although there were five brothers; Chico (Leonard), Harpo (Adolph which he changed to Arthur), Groucho (Julius), Gummo (Milton) and Zeppo (Herbert), the core of the act were the three elders: Chico, Harpo and Groucho.

Each had developed a highly distinctive stage persona, the two younger brothers, Gummo and Zeppo, left the act to pursue business careers. Gummo wasn’t in any of the movies; Zeppo was in the first five and played straight, non-comedic roles.

I hope I answered your question Joe and maybe we now can have some peace and quiet at the Quintas Papaguyo El Norte!