Napolitano Secures Nearly $20 Million for Local Projects

Rep. Grace F. Napolitano (D-El Monte) voted for H.R. 3684, the “Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in America) Act, securing $19.975 million for nine of the Member Designated Projects she submitted to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

“I am very proud that nearly $20 million in federal funding and other critical priorities I submitted on behalf of my constituents, commuters, and transit agencies are included in the INVEST in America Act which passed the House today,” Napolitano said. “From increasing safety on our highways, bridges, buses and rails, to modernizing vital wastewater and drinking water infrastructure, this bill will create good-paying jobs while supporting American manufacturing, restoring our global competitiveness, and safeguarding our environment.”

The INVEST in America Act, which passed the House by a vote of 221 to 201, is a $715 billion surface transportation reauthorization and water infrastructure bill that will invest in roads, bridges, transit, rail, drinking water, and wastewater infrastructure.

Local projects championed by Napolitano include: $2.6 million for Parkway Drive and Merced Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements and $2.3 million for Francisquito Avenue Metrolink Rail crossing improvements.

Napolitano, the highest-ranking California member on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, additionally secured additional provisions on behalf of her district.

“ As the highest-ranking Californian on the Committee, I am also proud that this bill will provide $38 billion in transportation funding for California, including $27 billion for highway projects and $11 billion for transit.” Napalitano said.

Federal law currently prohibits electric vehicle charging stations at park-and-rides and rest areas located on the highway. This is a problem at 65+ transit park-and-ride lots in California, including the El Monte Bus Station in the 32nd District, which is the largest bus transit station on the West coast. Napolitano’s provision in the bill allows electric vehicles owners to charge their cars at these important and convenient parking areas.

The bill provides $2.5 billion for a new highway rail underpass construction program (known as a grade separation grant program). This was created after Napolitano had the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments testify earlier last year regarding the importance of highway rail safety and the aforementioned Alameda Corridor East (ACE) underpass construction program in the region.

The bill also Dramatically increases overall funding for Transit Funding to $109 billion to reach more neighborhoods and give residents affordable, safe and fast options for their commute

includes Napolitano’s provision to improve housing around transit stations and take into account housing persons experiencing homelessness at transit-oriented developments.

“This new funding will go a long way toward putting people back to work, revitalizing our local economies, and improving the everyday lives of residents across the San Gabriel Valley and our entire state. It is time to build the infrastructure of the future and build back better.” says Napalitano.