Holidays, Fun, Made up? or important…

by Mike McClure

…So for many of us, after the 4th of July the next holiday is Labor Day in September, but not anymore.

July is the official “Ice Cream Month”, with July 19 being National Ice Cream Day.

Yes, thanks to President Reagan we celebrate National Ice Cream Day every third Sunday in July. For you old enough to remember, during the Reagan years the dairy industry was falling on hard times and the President, who drew a lot of support from the farmers in the Midwest, designated the entire month of July as Ice Cream month to help the dairy farmers.

Not to be out done, the hamburger industry came up with a good idea and last year started “Hamburger Week”, so starting on last Sunday from July 12th through to July 18 it is “Hamburger Week”. Now this holiday doesn’t have a President or Congress backing it so it really isn’t an official holiday yet.

Then there is a new one, July 10th was “Journeyman Lineman Recognition Day”.

Thanks to the efforts of U.S. Representative Linda T. Sanchez (D-CA) and her colleagues in the House. Rep. Sanchez is the first woman IBEW member elected to Congress. She is a former member of the IBEW Local 441 and a labor lawyer. She also is a founding member and Co-Chair of the Labor and Working Families Caucus.

When introducing the resolution, Congresswoman Sanchez said, ”We owe a great deal to the Journeyman Lineworkers across our country who put themselves in harm’s way to keep the lights on in our homes, hospitals, and other public facilities, during the coronavirus pandemic, their work is nothing short of essential”. Well said!

So eats some burgers, have some ice cream and please remember those of our fellow citizens working behind the scenes keeping things going.

NOTE: National Journeyman Lineman Day takes place on July 10 each year to honor Henry Miller, the first elected president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) who died on July 10, 1896, while working to solve a power outage in Washington, D.C.