Election Time, and some Random Thoughts

The Cracker Barrel” by: Mike McClure

…so I got my first mailer in the mail for the upcoming elections here in El Monte/So. El Monte. I live in El Monte but I get some for races in South El Monte too. We don’t endorse anyone but we will discuss the candidates and any propositions that will be on the ballot, especially those that pertain to school improvement, veterans, homeless or housing development.

I see that Jennifer Cobian is running again for the school board at El Monte City Schools (EMCSD), that’s good news, that District does an outstanding job and I am sure Superintendent Garcia will be happy to have Jennifer return on the Board.

Two incumbents are running to retain their seats on the El Monte Union High School District (EMUHSD), Carlos Salcedo (the Principal at Cleminson Elementary School, one of the best schools in the state) and Maria Morgan (who is everywhere, she deserves the title of “Energizer Bunny”).

I can’t say enough about the outstanding leadership our schools have provided during this tough pandemic and our kids and their families need folks like this to have their backs.

City Hall must be a fun place to work right now. Mayor Andre Quintero is running for re-election and City Councilmember Jessica Ancona is trying to unseat him. The Mid Valley News will be running profiles on the candidates through – out the next few weeks but it could be interesting. Councilwoman Ancona didn’t have to give up her seat to run for Mayor so there are two open seats up, Councilman Jerry Velasco hopes to hold his as does Councilwoman Vicki Martinez and there is an interesting newcomer, Alma Puente.

Ms. Puente may be new to running for office but she has a lot of strong endorsements (among others, she is endorsed by Doloras Huerta, who if memory serves me also endorse current City Councilwoman Maria Morales, not a bad endorsement to have for a new comer).

Stay tuned!

[ Many of you have ask if we will be keeping “Webb’s Rules”. Eugene Webb, who passed away a couple of weeks ago, was a prolific writer, he had three books of poems published and there will be a fourth out at the end of the year. The decision hasn’t been made whether the column will continue in some form or not. Thank you for asking.]