“Do you think that you are smarter than a 12 year old?”

“The Cracker Barrel” by: Mike McClure

…so the other day I got a call from Julie, a reader in the Sierra Madre area by Pasadena. She had a challenge for me. Her son Max, who is 12 years old, routinely comes up with a fun fact that he shares every day with his coach. The challenge was would I be able to answer his question. I thought, why not he is only 12 how tough could it be?

Wrong Mike, young Max asked me something about the Mars rover being the first one to have a nuclear power pack or something like that. My first response was whether or not the Martian’s would strike back if we started shooting nuclear rovers at them.

Max laughed at that and started to explain the power make-up of the rover and to be honest, I quickly didn’t know what he was talking about.

It reminded of a conversation I had last year with Dr. Anthony Readhead, the Robinson Professor of Astronomy (Emeritus) at Caltech. We had worked together with an outreach program that he was developing for Caltech and some of the local high schools and every once and awhile he would try to explain black holes to me…about three sentences in and I would be lost.

Talking with Max gave me a great idea. Maybe I could get Max to submit a “fun” fact every week to the newspaper and ask you my loyal readers, “Do you think that you are smarter than a 12 year old?”

So watch for a new feature in the Mid Valley News and who knows maybe sometime in the future we can get Max and Professor Readhead together, they would understand each other.

[NOTE: I just got word that now that the COVID-19 restrictions are being removed, the Latin All Stars are planning a series of Concerts in Pico Rivera this summer, now that’s something that I do know about and will keep you informed about]