Did You Miss Me?

I wasn’t hear the last two issues, did I miss anything?

Seriously, I know that there has been a lot going on and I would like to thank my friends who acted as guest columnist while I was off. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, an old friend who I endorsed the first time she ever ran for office (Norwalk City Council 1988) and who has never lost an election and Jane Fall who is the Director of the Our Savior Center here in El Monte. Jane is a new friend, both are leaders in this community and inspire us.

While I was gone I missed the marking of Frank Sinatra’s death (May 14.1998) but I am back for Clint Eastwood’s 90th Birthday (May 31, 1930). I had the chance to cross paths with both of those gentleman in the past.

I saw Frank Sinatra perform several time when I worked in Las Vegas and when ever Mr. Sinatra was in town, whether he was performing or just visiting, the entire city would be jumping. I worked at the Flamingo, the Desert Inn and the Star Dust so he was always on his best behavior around those places, he was a charming guy.

Clint Eastwood and I were breaking in to TV and the movies about the same time – he had better luck than I did though. Clint is a couple of years older, but having been drafted into the Army for a couple of years, we were getting parts on the same shows.

Clint Eastwood went into the Army during the Korean War and because of the characters he played over the years most people thought he had been in combat, but the truth was he spent his military career as a life guard at Ft. Ord where he dated one of the senior officers daughters (who it was rumored made sure that he wasn’t transferred).

When I was at the Pasadena Playhouse in the fifty’s we both did TV shows like Highway Patrol, Death Valley Days and Wagon Train. Then Mr. Eastwood got “Rowdy Yates” in Rawhide which was his big break.

I got out of acting, went to work in the hotel business and ended up in Las Vegas. I ran into Clint Eastwood a few years ago at Frank Wells’s Memorial service, nice guy.

So it is good to be back, Stay Safe.