Cheap Shots, Deep Thoughts, and Bon Mots…

by Kenneth Ferreira, Editor and Contributing Writer

This is a new column and as an introduction, I think you should know two things about me as we gather our things and begin this trip together.

First, I believe that words have meaning, and meaning has power. Second, you need to know I only have two addictions left in this life. Coffee and reading…okay, three if you include sunflower seeds (I do love a good sunflower seed).

Left on my own I am on the couch with a book 10 inches from my face. I can’t tell you what my kids are doing, what I agreed to do for the Fetching Mrs. Ferreira, or what the dogs are tearing after but I can tell you Moby Dick is too long, Tom Sawyer is a genius, and the pulp genre is alive and well in American Fiction.

I have been known to read anything, anytime, anywhere. I once read an entire issue of La Opinion while waiting for the bus and I don’t speak, read, or understand Spanish. Hey, fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I gotta read (and eat sunflower seeds).

The greatest gift to a book junkie like me is the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is basically a tablet that only does one thing well – deliver digital media content. I’ve tried using the Kindle as a tablet, but it just sucks at everything – except providing reading material and delivering some streaming services.

I am traveling with 319 books (and counting) in my pocket. And this doesn’t count the number of books I’ve returned to libraries or subscription services. This is the library I can access right now…all I have to do is walk into the other room, power on my book, and flop on the couch.

The purpose of all this is not to pitch you into buying a Kindle but to let you know the origin of Cheap Shots, Deep Thoughts, and Bon Mots is a column dedicated to book reviews. Of course it will probably evolve into meditations on the general tom-foolery that a man about town is bound to observe, but for now, a good book review is just about as good a place as any to start…