Cheap Shots, Deep Thoughts, and Bon Mots…

by Kenneth Ferreira, Editor and Contributing Writer

Ah yes, rules…where would we be without them? When I was young, I didn’t like rules. They just kind of slowed me down. However, now that I’m on this side of 30, I kind of like ‘em. They work at providing direction and letting me know why it’s not okay to hurt people or steal things.

Without rules, and those who enforce them responsibly, we would be a hot mess of chaos and violence…though to be fair we’d probably have lower population density.

I can’t imagine a book review article descending into chaos (though it might be fun to try) but I figure you dear constant reader should know what I’m talking about and how I arrived at the ratings I do…

You know, rules.

So here we go…the books are rated on a 5 star system. Everybody gets one star for publishing a book. Even if you self-publish a book on Amazon, it takes work and work is worth something. In this case, the work is worth 1 star.

A second star is for what I call the “Elements of Style” and measures how well the author can write. Word usage, principles of composition, matters of form, etc.

A third star is character development. I don’t even have to like the characters…do I care about the characters and whether or not I’m wondering about them while I’m at my day job.

At the end of the day it’s all about whether or not I’m reading a good story – so that would be another star.

And last, but certainly not least…If I would read the book again or recommend the book to a friend, bartender, family or complete stranger then the author has earned another star.

So there is it – one man’s completely subjective scoring system of some of the best (and worst) pulp fiction Amazon has to offer.

Next week I’ll start with a book that is part science fiction, part thriller, and part western – The Sheriff: A Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Wester by M.R. Forbes.