Breaking News From the Epicenter

by Mike McClure

…so the other day one of the tenants in our office building showed me where a bird had flown into a window and died. He ask me if I had ever seen that happen before at the building. I know it happens a lot downtown in the higher building but it is rare at a two story building, but I said to this sincere young man, “What do you expect? Pandemic, heat wave, fires all around us, hurricanes in the gulf coast now birds committing suicide fly into windows. It’s 2020 all we need now is an earthquake!”

Yeah, I called it. Friday night at 11:39 at 4.5 earthquake shook El Monte, and by my calculations the Quintas Papaguyo El Norte was right at the epicenter.

I grew up in Southern California, I have been through a few good size quakes but never in the epicenter.

A 4.5 isn’t the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, really not even the donkey. It is weird though in the epicenter (they haven’t confirmed that, but they are saying that the epicenter was 2 miles south of San Gabriel, if they mean the San Gabriel Mission then we are about 5 miles south, or Mission Car Wash is 3 miles away, so depending on where in San Gabriel you choose to measure from would determine the epicenter).

A 4.5 earthquake is kind of the Rodney Dangerfield of earthquakes, it gets no respect. No damage no reporting, no pictures of destruction or brave first responders going into buildings carrying folks to safety.

It is quite at the Papaguyo, even today after the quake, Kevin and I have calmed Joe down now that he is reading a steady dose of real news in the Mid Valley News instead of the fake news he was getting before.

The bungalows at the Quintas Papaguyo El Norte are located in the Mountain View School District so there isn’t a lot of election news to get excited about. Both incumbents are running unopposed and there isn’t any bond issues this time.

The guys ask me about the hot mess at City Hall, I know all of the candidates – good folks everyone of ‘em – and that’s what I always pass on to my neighbors. We are lucky that all of the candidates are good people, they just don’t always get along.

It’s called a Democracy.