BREAKING: Long-Range Missiles Launched From Russia, Aircraft En Route To Carry Out Strikes

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Russia has reportedly started to launch long-range missiles toward Ukraine and has aircraft en route to carry out additional strikes during the initial hours of the early morning full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

Russian aircraft are now en route to conduct additional targeted strikes on a number of key defense sites through all of Ukraine,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted. “Long range missile launches from #Russia are now underway[.] They are headed towards various pre-selected military sites throughout Ukraine.”

“What is underway is a full scale & comprehensive military assault throughout Ukraine,” Rubio added. “Airborne & amphibious landings, missile strikes from air, ground & naval forces, electronic & cyber attacks & a large ground force to occupy a large swath of territory.”

This is a breaking news story; refresh the page for updates.

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