4 Apps To Help Teens Improve Their Mental Health

Worried teenage girl using mobile phone in her room

Does your teen often feel stressed, experience anxiety or have trouble managing their emotions? If so, here are four applications (available on Android and iOS) that can help them.

In addition to coaching your teen through panic attacks as they hap­pen, this app provides lessons on how to manage anxiety and find long-term relief.

This app allows your teen to track their mood each day and draw on a variety of resources, such as gui­ded mediation and community support, to help them cope with anxiety, depression and stress.

Your teen can use the guided breathing exercises on this app to help them with everything from alleviating anxiety to falling asleep to feeling more energized.

Designed specifically for students, this digital tool allows your teen to bolster their mental health by tracking their mood, practising breathing exercises and keeping a journal to express their emotions.

While using these apps shouldn’t replace speaking with a mental health professional, they can be an effective way for your teen to access support.